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Father and son

We are a family business. Our team consists of father and son. The father has been living in Provence for 30 years. His father was already a real estate owner in Provence and spent his spare time in the south of France.

The son has been rooted in Provence since childhood and spends as much time as he can in this wonderful region. The father renovated his first ruin 25 years ago. Five years later, he renovated a second one. He then developed a 5-star hotel and its wine production for an investor. Father and son spent a large part of their professional careers in the building industry. The son is a self-employed entrepreneur who has worked in the fields of interior design, hotel industry, and real estate sales. WUNDERLI DEVELOPERS is the logical next step in their chosen home.

Since moving from Switzerland to Provence, the father has been realizing renovations of old and historic houses. He has thus gained a stable network of trustworthy craftsmen and service providers, which benefit you as a customer of WUNDERLI DEVELOPERS.

The son has a large network, especially in the construction and real estate business in Switzerland, but also aims to establish himself in France in the medium term. For now, the son supports potential customers from neighbouring countries. He is responsible for initial concepts, ideas, and financing models.

We speak German, French and English.

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