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Wunderli Developers

Your dream:
a house in Provence...

WUNDERLI DEVELOPERS provide assistance. We accompany you from the search of the property to the keys

handover. We coordinate andsupervise all the works with the professional partners of our network.

We support you during the development of the selected projects as the representative of the Project Owner, in your name and assist and advise you on all questions regarding the building, the renovation and the conversion of the real estate.

What we offer....

We tailor our offerings to meet your specific needs and propose you together with our capable and proved partners a comple know-how and an expert advice for all your wishes regarding the search, the purchase, the building and the renovation of your dreamed home in Provence. The analysis of your specific needs with regards to space and volume, location and construction, in one hand and to the available offers in the market which are leading to the realisation of your vision, on the other hand.
We are committed to providing reliability and service quality. Our swiss roots contribute to this model of vertue.

Especially for the foreigners who are seeking the realisation of their dream of owning a home in Provence, we aim to overcome the obstacles and to reduce complexity regarding the realisation of a home project. We advise you during the whole processing of buying, renovating, rebuilding of ruins up to turnkey projects. This, always with the support of our foolproof network.

How we proceed....

The search of a property , the choice and the evaluation of the possibilities and opportunities, the adequate budget, the advantageous financing, the configuration of the property and its consequences, the fiscal implications as well as the challenges related to inheritance etc. are crucial themes as part of the purchase and construction project; we are at your side.

We combine our own experience with the one of the local experts and professionals. So, we are committed to advise and guide you during all the partial processes for the realisation of your dream.
Our activities are focusedin particular on the "Triangle d'Or".

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We consider Renovations to include all forms of work connected with the refurbishment on a property from installing new tiles and remodelling kitchens and bathrooms to altering floor plansor technical renovations such as insulating floors and walls, installing heating and airconditioning systems and repairing facades and roofs. Its scope is varying depending on the type of project and your specific needs. We adapt ourselves.

We accompany you on all aspects and put at your disposal our know-how as well as our trusted craftsmen. As Project Manager, we represent, advise and guide you all the way and stay at your side.



With the assistance of our Architecture partners and our networkof trustworthy craftsmen and during the global phases of construction, renovation and restoration, we are able to accompany and advise you.
The owner of the property remains always the Project Owner.

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New construction

Do you wish to build on your own your dream home on a developped plot of land ?

With our experienced teams and expertise, we will councel you during the whole construction phase and we stay at your side. As Project Owner, you will compose with our assistance as your representative a new building. We have no architectural obligation and are free to choose the appropriate service providers.


Wunderli Developers

900B Route Petitons Minguets, F-84580 Oppède

+33 670 51 32 84

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